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The Rise of Mobile Gaming: How Smartphones Changed the Game

The Rise of Mobile Gaming: How, with the rise of smartphones, mobile devices have become an integral and indispensable part of our daily lives.

Mobile gaming saw a strong boom during last decade, owing to smartphone sales sweep throughout the world and devices’ increasingly enhanced capacity, respectively. Originally, cellular phone games were led by super-simple games, e.g. Snake, Tetris, and now, they have their own market, which is as big as traditional console and PC gaming. In this article, we will be in a discussion of a brief introduction which explores the changes of mobile gaming and why is its choice for the players.

The First Steps to be a Mobile Gaming Individual.

Previously, smartphones could hardly run mobile games as they only offered very basic features reserved for dedicated handheld video game devices such as Nintendo Game Boy and Sony PSP. Although these systems had their representative for classic games as well, they were quite expensive for the people and they eventually had no chance to compare with the innovation of modern smartphones.

The May 2008 crafting of Apple App Store and the ensuing June 2008 e-commerce advent of the original Google Play Store (then named Android Market) curved the history of mobile gaming development. Beforehand, these gaming apps just lived in the store’s folders, but now, anybody with a phone had the ability to find them and grab them in the blink of an eye. First mobiles were basically games with little popularity like Angry Birds, Fruit Ninja or Doodle Jump – perfect for when you just have a couple of minutes to play on the bus.

The Free-to-Play Revolution

F2P, which emerged as one of the future of mobile gaming, is the most important turning point for mobile gaming industry. Instead of expecting gamers buy the games, the developers allowed them download it for free, to which they could then add some extra in-app purchases to gain extream lives, warp zones, and branded items.

This strategy thus, delegated the key role in mobile gaming to a numerously larger audience of casual gamers than" professional" game buyers. Such games as Candy Crush Saga, Clash of Clans, and Pokémon GO were highly popular all over the world, making billion-dollar incomes mainly due to the purchasing in the apps.

The Esports Development through the Mobiles

There emerged a new generation of ever-increasingly powerful handhelds, and Mobile games began to match not only the complexity and depth of major console and PC titles, but in some cases, even surpass it. Therefore, we have the mobile esports or the competitive mobile gaming arraised.

Games like Vainglory, Arena of Valor, and Mobile Legends: From a closet concept of a mobile MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) to allowing millions of players worldwide to play battle royale on their smartphones, Bang Bang designed the template for the industry and is followed by PUBG Mobile and Garena Free Fire. These broadened the existing platforms of games by which millions of players had a chance to participate, and even more professional esports leagues with huge prizes ensued.

The mobile game dominance that has been sustained for the past couple of years will likely continue.

Moving forward, it is safe to say that mobile gaming industry shines as much as it can in the coming times. The arrival of 5G will provide even more options with data access, reduced lag and the production of complex and high-end games playable on the likes of mobile devices.

The other upcoming trend in mobile gaming includes cloud gaming services such as Google Stadia, Nvidia GeForce Now, and Xbox Cloud Gaming, which are allowing players to access and enjoy cutting edge console and PC games on their mobile phone, thus harnessing the boundaries between traditional and mobile gaming.

Similar to the situation with mobile chips such as the Apple A14 Bionic and the Qualcomm Snapdragon 888, smartphones are now able to run games with graphics comparable to what console games can deliver, and with performance to match as well. Titles like Genshin Impact, Call of Duty: Mobile and Fortnite have come face-to-face, in defence or destruction, with the odds in their favour. They are getting a thrill, which they will thrive on to achieve success in the world of mobile. They are getting impressions of what a deep gameplay and good looking visuals can do, which can both make them think more about the games.

Mobile gaming went through a major evolution path from its initial humble status to a tech giant today and it has been doing it for quite a short period of time. More than 3 billion smartphones are sold and then used over the world every year. At the same time, mobile technology is rapidly developing. Signs point that mobile gaming will outshine everything else and develop unimaginable new ways in the nearest future.

Whether you are an amateur player, who just wants to have a quick, one minute game or a professional competitor, for whom only the thrill of mobile esports can do, there has never been a better time to discover mobile games. Attempt to convert those even population around you by simply downloading few games, and leading the revolution.